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Baby Camel Fibre 100g
Baby Camel Fibre 100g

Product Description

Baby Camel Fibre 100g

Baby Camel comes from the soft undercoat (or down) of the baby camel. It is a soft, lightweight fiber that is best spun fine - think laceweight! The down also blends well with merino wool or silk. This Baby Camel has a micron count of 18 and a staple length of 2 inches.

What is top?

Top is made by a combing process that removes the short and noiled fibers leaving the longer fibers in a parallel alignment. The result is the highest quality of the fiber or "top of the line". Spinning from top using a short draw will produce worsted yarns. These are smooth and less likely to pill than woolen yarns (produced from spinning carded fiber or sliver). Combed top is a continuous roving.

What is a micron?

It is the actual measurement of the fiber's diameter. The smaller the number the finer the fiber. One micron is equivalent to 1/25, 400th of an inch.

What is staple length?

This is the length of the fiber from butt to tip. The general rule is that the shorter the staple length, the finer the fiber. Please note that there are exceptions to this rule! Still have a question? See our fibers FAQ page for more definitions.

Baby Camel Fibre 100g

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